Everything Is Illuminated In Oslo  


In winter the sun shines in Oslo only five hours a day, so the people to turn night into day, you commute by subway to the illuminated slopes and celebrate in the clubs and the University of Fine Arts, as if there were no tomorrow. That they are so happy, is not only on alcohol

Behind me are 20 hours on the ferry from Kiel to Oslo, Norway's capital city ahead of me in the morning haze. White chimneys blow smoke in the cold winter air, the sun is low in the sky. In this time of year is the little light is a rarity, the days are short and the nights that even longer. For the night, Danny Larsen jurisdiction. He wears black sunglasses, black shoulder-length hair.

Danny is one of the best snowboarders in Norway and plays in metal bands - a typical combination of Oslo, as it turned out to be. Danny knows what he has in his town: "There is nothing nicer than to late at night on the floodlit slopes in front of the city to snowboarding."

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