Venice suffered the worst flooding in 22 years  


No, this is not a photo. On Tuesday, Duncan Zuuren, a Dutch 34 years, took the rising tide in Venice - which on Monday reached 156 cm, the fourth highest record since 1872 - to ski in the Piazza San Marco. In 2004, the intrepid athlete was third in the World of this modality. The video of his adventures is one of the most visited Youtube.

A Dutch tourist took the high water in Venice San Marco Square to practice wakeboarding. The liquid level reached on December 1 1.56 meters, and since then the waters have been gradually declining, a major town that suffered flooding due to high tide.

This is the fourth highest level since 1986, when the "high water reached the mark of 158 centimeters. City residents and tourists climbed to the chairs and tables from pubs and restaurants to avoid being stranded at the hip to the water.

The mayor, Massimo Cacciari, recommended that people stay in their homes. "This is the tenth worst flooding of the past 1000 years," said the chairman of the Veneto region, Giancarlo Galan.

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