Miami: The Big Glamor  


Beach, shopping, luxury, beauty and celebrities: In Florida Fun holiday metropolis, everything is bigger and brighter: Party and almost everywhere around the clock ..

On Ocean Drive, at night eleven to three clock, the expression "to drift" his own importance. Especially on weekends then stroll to the thousands of pastel-colored Art Deco buildings along from bar to bar, from club to club. The gardens are crowded restaurant, the hotel "Cardozo (Owner: Gloria Estefan) booms Latin-pop, two houses continue to play a Cuban band, on the Boulevard mixes the music to a wild Soundbrei. It often happens to people congestion, what all great find: Blessed are they smile at each other, pushing each other forward. It is a friendly, fresh and perfumed, above all, very cheerful mass. Each of these people are driving three wishes, which are at this moment are all met: Party! Party! Party!

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