Picasso's wild action  


The light! The colors! The motives! The Cote d'Azur, and is loved by artists. Even Picasso, Chagall and Monet immortalized the landscape in her paintings. Other painters can holidaymakers on the "Chemin des Peintres" along the coast to know.

Understandable that they loved this view: the right the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, left the fortified town of Antibes, on the horizon are dimly from the mountains. Claude Monet painted this scene in 1888, Henri Edmond Cross gave them 20 years later. Today, visitors to the Promenade check whether his work properly capture the atmosphere. A display shows the image. It is one of 50 works exhibited at the Chemin des Peintres, the way the painter, the holiday on the Cote d'Azur can follow.

The images track "Côte d'Azur of the painters' withdraws from Menton to Cannes and is also the hinterland of Grasse, Mougins and Saint-Paul-de-Vence is not enough. Most of the 14 pictures are in Cagnes-sur-Mer is issued, including works by Renoir and Derain. Picasso painted in Antibes, Chagall was the silhouette of Saint-Paul-de-Vence noted. They were all fascinated by the bright light and the clashing colors of the French Riviera.

The pictures are in their development locations. Sometimes you have to look, probably wanted the artists do not always sit in the middle of the events. The panels give visitors not only an idea of where the painters once worked. You can also monitor how changes in landscape and cityscape.

Instead of palm trees

Cannes is a particularly striking example: on the Croisette, where today the rich and beautiful and bustling langbeinige women in short dresses by Edelboutiquen stroll, stroll also the middle of the 19th Century already elegantly dressed women. Adolphe Fioupou painted it admittedly modestly dressed. At that time has not prevented the famous, but screaming ugly Palais de Festival, the annual City Film Festival, the view of the Old Town.

In Antibes, which is so pretty nestled on the Mediterranean, stood on the Boulevard du Cap Broadleaves once - now decorate the palm trees green strip between the town and beach. The marketplace is still in the old town, with its narrow streets, pétanque players and the many bistros almost perfectly the stereotype of a typical French city fulfilled. The image of Emile Charles Dameron, however, shows an open area with trees. Today there is a covered, wrought-iron market.

Little remained opposed by Eugène Boudin view of the city - the display was destroyed, so that only parts of the image to see. A similar fate Picasso's "Night Fishing in Antibes, on the wall stood.

Works by Picasso in Antibes

Picasso Antibes is' great pride. The 1946 master painted for half a year in the castle of the city. He had plenty of ideas, but the material was scarce, and so he painted on anything that the port offered: wood and canvas, for example. As also is no longer enough, he simply painted over earlier works. The images from this very productive creative time, he gave the city - the almost overnight a Picasso museum got.

Also, the photography museum in Mougins - Picasso's last place of residence, only 13 kilometers away - is dedicated to his work. The exhibition shows photos of his studio, the artist at work and with his children. Mougins is equipped with four pictures on the Chemin des Peintres represented. That art in the medieval town still plays an important role, demonstrates a very different label: The review board at the entrance points to 14 restaurants - and 28 galleries out.

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