Havana, Your Eternal City  


The Cuban city of two million has much more to offer than their dusty Buena Vista Social Club romance. The bustling metropolis of music is now the party center in the Caribbean.

Lightning Blanke Chevrolet Impala in front of historic colonial buildings: At first glance, the socialist Caribbean metropolis for 60 years to stand still, especially if obtained by Habana Vieja, the old city of Havana, touches. The images are described as often, they actually agree to this day: In the gray-haired men play bars and Son cumbia classics that are still a little older than themselves, to the counters are refreshing Mojitos served, and is constantly smoked. But Havana has more to offer. Tired of Salsa sound, Cuba's young people dance to funky today Reggaeton and Caribbean House in the clubs. PRINZ readers discovered the young, new Havana.

The Caribbean cuisine can be found in many fine restaurants enjoy much popularity and atmospheric are the "Paladares" small private restaurants, often in ordinary residential houses and cozy charm with their enthusiasm.

An absolute must is to visit various bars in the Cuban capital, where they necessarily the three National Beverage should try: Cuba Libre, Mojito and Daiquiri.

The nightlife of Havana offers lots of variety and far more than the legendary vaudeville Tropicana, which until now everyone is really any travel guide.

Havana is not a shopping center, already are in socialist Cuba, very few shops. The proposed locations of us but we should absolutely look.


The Favorite Islands Of The Superstars  


The good news: In Paradise, you can pay with euros. The bad: It is only 21 square kilometers in size and is located in the Caribbean. The speech is from the French overseas department of Saint-Barthélemy, or St. Barth. The island is currently the destination of celebrities, stars like Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Craig, Donatella Versace and Brad Pitt can not be wrong.

St. Barth is one of the Lesser Antilles and is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, he named it after his brother Bartolomeo. They moved several times its membership, was among others in French and Swedish hands. Today, St. Barth as a Collectivité d'outre mer with France and is part of the European Union.

Very much larger than St. Barth, but no less beautiful, is St. Lucia. This Caribbean island is at least 620 square kilometers in size and is also one of the Lesser Antilles.

Especially there urlaubt scandal noodle Amy Winehouse, including Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman and Tyra Banks were already on St. Lucia. The island is far from untouched, lush rain forests, green mountains, banana plantations and miles of beaches with white sand and black take turns. The emblem of the island is of volcanic Twin Pitons, with its two peaks.

In the past it was hard fought over St. Lucia, for centuries the island belonged alternately to France and Britain. Today she is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth II, the official head of state. In the fishing village of Soufrière testify today charming buildings from the colonial era, on the small island Pigeon Iceland is even an old British fort.