Doing business in the Arctic  


Honningsvag is the northernmost town of Europe, a town that overlooks the Norwegian Polar Circle and increasingly attracting more tourists from around the world. Gloria and Jose Mijares Pamplona, Zaragoza and a Palencia with a long experience as tour guides, decided to bet on this remote, 5,000 kilometers from Spain and took their project there, a local five degrees below zero where the protagonist was the absolute ice.

From tables to chairs, through the walls, the bar or the logo "recreate the experience of the Arctic during the summer months," says Pamplona from Honningsvag. "The area has many business opportunities."

Thaïs Gutiérrez his article published in ADN.es, in 2004 and after many ups and opened their premises, the first ice bar in Norway. "When we decided to open the bar, there was only one similar in Europe and was in Stockholm, so it was a real revolution for the area," says Pamplona.

Experience has proved exhausting but very satisfying. "We had so many problems to think about it today when we say never again to start this adventure," says Pamplona. Now, however, said that "it was worth."

"It is not a local standard"

Since the opening of the Arctic Ice Bar, liked the idea. The local won the Best Tourist Project in North Norway the year of its opening and now, after an investment of more than 600,000 euros, the business is going well, as those responsible. "What we offer is not a bar to drink something normal," says Pamplona, "but an interactive experience Arctic, a window to the northern winter. Here there is only ice, snow and reindeer skins," he says.

Gloria and Jose decided to expand their business and the bar has installed a shop where they sell souvenirs related elÁrtico, thus expanding its turnover and its customers. Its business also includes the organization of trips to the Arctic Circle buildings and advise and make ice for any company concerned, now that they have become experts in the cold. The bar is open from April to September and spent the winter months to promote its business throughout Europe.

Global warming consistent with the melting of the polar regions could be a serious problem for the business of Gloria and Jose Mijares Pamplona in the Arctic. So far, all the ice out of their local lakes located around the interior of Lapland where temperatures around -30 degrees in winter. But both entrepreneurs recognize their concern about the rising temperatures that are suffering from these areas on the planet. "It is obvious that if temperatures continue to rise we will have problems because the lakes are not frozen as they do now," confesses Pamplona.


The Netherlands and most hidden surprise  


Rembrandt and Van Gogh, popular mills, the Red Light District and the canals of Amsterdam, The Hague, the stately, large dams that protect the country from the sea and next-generation architecture and design are the usual attractions of any visit to the Netherlands.

But there is a more surprising and hidden worth exploring. Netherlands a different and fun where you can make an excursion in a genuine Italian gondola in an incomparable setting, the canals of Utrecht, or an amphibious bus ride along the river Meuse, near the Renaissance and modern Rotterdam, through an amazing journey for inside the human body in Corpus.

Then the visitor can enjoy lunch in an authentic natural greenhouse Amsterdam has its own garden and learn about the amazing story of the bag or cocktails in the style of Tom Cruise.

These are just some examples that could be hidden treasures of a multicultural Holland in Amsterdam which remains its main tourism related.

Behind the front of the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, the two big galleries that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists annually, opened a year ago the House of Bols, a center dedicated to interactive hipermoderno Lucas Bols and producing company alcoholic beverages is 400 years old.

The world of cocktails is a surprise for which he enters for the first time. This is not a museum or a winery or a bar, but the visitor can see, touch and smell the spices, herbs and, ultimately, the ingredients of the drinks.

You can even dare to distinguish the aromas of 36 spray bottles that give off any odor (melon, strawberry, Peppermint, mint, fruit of love) and finish preparing the visit enjoyed in its own cocktail bar mirrors.

The final icing on the most adventurous is to emulate Tom Cruise himself in his popular movie Cocktail throwing bottles into the air and pouring its contents into the glasses in a year juggling improvised. They are then filmed in a small room flairbooth digital movie to remember that this feat can be sent to friends or family.

If one is not satisfied with the aromas of the broker-dealer, you can try the pies. At number 10, and Ferdinand Bolstraat bolting a sympathetic Dutch Siemon de Jong, has created cakes eighteen years as a stunning success.

Siemon says that his works especially chocolate and apple, a favorite of his players in public are all kinds of celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and births. Indeed, in its local supercoloreado Center, De Taart van mijn Tante (The tart of my aunt), with bed and breakfast in the annex, we are surprised with a large cake dedicated to a Gypsy Flamenco is very close to another baby bears, proving that anything is possible for him and his team. Siemon prepared between 30 and 40 large pies a month (for about 50 people per piece) and its price is 500 euros.

Just need a little walk on foot to reach the Museum of Bags and purses. It is managed since 2007 Sigrid A. Ivo in the beautiful building number 573 Canal Knights (Herengracht).

We are in a unique museum which reviews the history of the bag since the seventeenth century to the present day with over 3,500 original examples. Sigrid continues a family tradition that began Hendrik his grandmother, a true collector of different topics, and when she bought in Norwich (England) a beautiful piece of leather and tortoiseshell German, dated 1820, which was used to start his passion for handbags and its history. Today we continue to acquire some fifty bags a year to increase the collection says Sigrid, the Metropolitan in New York has made several mentions of our museum and we have already made several exhibitions in Sweden and Italy.

Given such a universe of models, visitors - especially women, are attracted almost equally by both historical pieces of the final stage of the Middle Ages as the original design of the best known contemporary signatures that are present in the museum: Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace, Gucci, Hermes, Channel, Donna Karan.

The visit did not disappoint, as well inside the palace, which contains original paintings of the seventeenth century, offers excellent views of the channel's most elegant Amsterdam.


Venice suffered the worst flooding in 22 years  


No, this is not a photo. On Tuesday, Duncan Zuuren, a Dutch 34 years, took the rising tide in Venice - which on Monday reached 156 cm, the fourth highest record since 1872 - to ski in the Piazza San Marco. In 2004, the intrepid athlete was third in the World of this modality. The video of his adventures is one of the most visited Youtube.

A Dutch tourist took the high water in Venice San Marco Square to practice wakeboarding. The liquid level reached on December 1 1.56 meters, and since then the waters have been gradually declining, a major town that suffered flooding due to high tide.

This is the fourth highest level since 1986, when the "high water reached the mark of 158 centimeters. City residents and tourists climbed to the chairs and tables from pubs and restaurants to avoid being stranded at the hip to the water.

The mayor, Massimo Cacciari, recommended that people stay in their homes. "This is the tenth worst flooding of the past 1000 years," said the chairman of the Veneto region, Giancarlo Galan.


Hamburg: The Gateway To The World  


The highest in the north of the city on the Elbe is not in vain as one of the most beautiful in Germany. And even the normally cautious Hanseatic can be proud of "their" Hamburg not hide.

Sandy, Wellengeplätscher quiet, palm trees and a hot drink to cool beats: Holiday Feeling on the Elbe. Anyone here a day on the Beach Club has spent miles admits the cliché of the unterkühlten on hamburgers and distanced. You can feel the world of openness and hospitality, and gets pleasure, the diversity of the city to conquer: on the bank of the river Elbe noble villas, colorful scene in pubs living quarters, the former workers quarters in change. Hardly a city creates its intense District life so much closeness and intimacy, such as Hamburg.

From the beach clubs, it is only a small leap to one of the HVV ships calling at a conveniently located between Sandtorhöft (subway Baumwall), Landungsbrücken (it in U-and S-Bahn station) and Finkenwerder sail back and forth. So erhascht not only a glimpse of the historic city of memory, the world's largest contiguous warehouse complex, but also to the modern, over 7400 hectares of port area with containers from around the world. Standing still is a foreign word. Once it gets dark, the whole area shines in the spotlight and the fully automatic loading and unloading of ships continues.
Next stop is the Alster, the large lake in the heart of the city. As you walk there you can see alongside the Edelboutiquen another feature: Hamburg is pervaded Fleet and canals you wonderfully with the canoe can capture - in an hour to park or even a day trip to Poppenbüttel. Make halt when Bodos jetty or let your legs on one of Hamburg's dangle bridges - because there are about 2496 pieces, more than Venice and Amsterdam combined.

The Médulas the whim of the Romans  


Located in the Bierzo in León, 20 km from Ponferrada, Médulas The place is a great result of the Roman territory along two centuries and changes in that territory to the present.

This site, a strange beauty, is what remains of the largest gold mine operated by the Romans in the northwest of the peninsula using a procedure known as "montium ruin."
It was the largest gold mine operated by the Romans in the Peninsula
It undermined the heart of the mountain with an intricate network of galleries in different lengths and in which successive tranches with wider sudden narrowing. Later, the tunnels will be released on huge masses of water brought from the nearby mountains through a network of channels and stored near the farm, which resulted in the colossal collapse.

The mud was washed and was produced to extract the gold. As more than a vestige of the rule mining activity is preserved Carucedo lake formed by water used in the extraction of gold and money laundering.
The exploitation of gold Médulas is the largest of any known in the northwest of the country and probably the largest of the entire Roman Empire.

Today, Las Médulas declared in 1998 by the Unesco World Heritage Site, impressed by its beauty, which is the product of man, the passage of time and the whims of nature.
The Médulas were declared a World Heritage Site in 1998
Getting There

It is possible to arrive by car to the farm, however, recommended to the last mile (1.8 km) walk to enjoy more of the environment.
From the village of Médulas will continue on foot along a steep slope off the road to get Cuevona and Enchanted Cave, allowing two Bocamina get an idea of the operating system extension.

To see the landscape from the viewpoint Orellán, before we reach the population of the heart, a deviation to the left leads to Orellán. From the village, a track on the right leads to the lookout.

Other Roman ruins in the area

The neighboring region of La Cabrera, which is accessed from Puente de Domingo Florez (N-536), retains many interesting Roman remains tied to the gold mine. Must also stop in Yeres, belonging to the municipality of Puente, to cover the area of the site that extended into this area, popularly known as the "The Medulillas of Yeres.
Corporal Cabrera and flames are other rural communities of interest. From the village of Las Médulas you can visit the Submerged Lake, one of the "agogae" or washing of gold.

* Lodging: Hotel Monte Medulio is situated at the entrance to the picturesque village of Las Médulas, belonging to the municipality of Carucedo. Information and reservations: Tel: 987 422 833 / 987 422 889. In Carracedelo, Villamartin Villanueva de Valdueza and you can easily find accommodation.
* Addresses of interest: visitor reception center organizes guided tours of the path of the valine (a distance of three kilometers to La Encantada and La Cuevona).
* Directions: From the A-6 or the N-VI, from Ponferrada or from Villafranca del Bierzo, to connect with the N-120. Next to La Barosa take the diversion to Carucedo. For the N-536, from Ponferrada to the peoples of Borrenes or Carucedo. From Ourense, the N-536, until Sunday Flórez Bridge.


Peru ranks as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world  


Peru ranks as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world thanks to the continuing international recognition it receives, including four awards presented by the Latin American Travel Association (CAN), said today the Commission for the Promotion of Peru's Export and Tourism (Promperú).

Peru took four of the ten prizes awarded to the CAN in the UK where Promperú won the award for best tourist office in Latin America.

"This recognition, coupled with the Country Brand Index, Peru positioned as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and also demonstrates that when the public and private sectors work together, success is assured," said the director of promotion Tourism Promperú, Mara Seminar.

The hotel also Inkaterra Reserva Amazon won the prize for best Jungle Lodge, which is located opposite the Tambopata National Reserve, in the Madre de Dios region.

For its part, Aqua Expeditions received the award for best luxury cruise, cruise for his part in Iquitos (Loreto) on the Amazon River and enters the Marañón River, to visit the nature reserve, Pacaya Samiria in that region.

Also, the chain Orient Express Hotels, Trains and Cruises, with the hotels Lima (Miraflores Park Hotel), Cusco (Hotel Monasterio), Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge) and the Colca Canyon in Arequipa (Colca The Pocitas) won as the best hotel chain.

The prizes were awarded in London in the largest tourism fair in the world, the World Travel Market (WTM), representatives of Promperú and tourism companies, thanks to winning the votes of operators, airlines, newspapers and chambers of tourism world.

CAN is a trade association that works in the UK and was founded to promote travel to Latin America. It brings together 200 businesses, including tourism offices, tour operators, hotels, wholesalers, media, airlines and other members at the international level.

Seminar held that these awards are received in an edition of the WTM particularly successful, as the participation of Peru has generated many positive responses.

He also said that the opinion leader Simon Calder, editor of The Independent, received a massive response from the press and public in his seminar "The Amazon and the top ten places to visit in Peru."

For its part, the show "The Secret Life of the Peruvian Amazon," displayed on the stand and opened by the Peruvian Embassy in London from Peru, was one of the most visited attractions at the fair.

Similarly, in Peru WTM is one of the country today to give an award in the Sustainable Tourism Awards, organized by Virgin Holidays, the WTM, The Daily Telegraph, the BBC and Geographical Magazine.

On this occasion, the Peruvian government, through Promperú deliver the prize to the best destination for poverty reduction among the countries contestants


Riga: Pearl of the Wild East  


Dropped parties, elegant people, and between Russian retro look: Riga loves opposites. Even in Soviet times was the metropolis of the Baltic will send a link to the West, today, many young fashion and design ideas from Latvia's capital.

Most think of the cold red gazpacho soup immediately and Spain. But there is another place with an even darker and colder Soup with Red Pray instead of tomato. And she comes from Riga, the westernmost city of the old Tsarist empire. "Pearl of the Baltic region," the capital of Latvia, with its 850 000 inhabitants, also called, and it is something like a real time tunnel, which traces from all eras meet. Prior to the brand new airport terminal, visitors from the polite staff receive Latvian soil, the western standards of unkindness to surpass lengths. The transfer of the case will cost extra, she says, but there are only converted 45 Cent.Willkommen in Eastern Europe! Gray panel settlements and pull patinated wooden window panes in the past: the "Wild East". But he is only a stone mosaic in the Panorama Rigas - stylish cafes, bars and galleries await visitors. The center gleams long. Independence 16 years and three years in the EU have a lot to the city and its people changed. English and German are also often become just as natural in the streets to hear Russian and Latvian. Even in Soviet times was Riga as a link between West and East. That made also in the fashion scene noticeable. Wealthy Russians specially traveled to Riga to this new einzukleiden. Today is the perfect styling of the women on: Lettinnen have only themselves when they gathered with their heads held high heels over the bumpy cobblestones strut about like a catwalk.

Riga's city center can easily explore on foot. Good starting point is the broad boulevard freedom (Brivibas Bulvaris), where the New Town in the Old Town alone. Fantastisch is the view on the evening of the Skyline from the 26th Floor of the Hotel Latvija ". On cozy armchairs sipping a Singapore Sling, you can enjoy the view on the panorama and the lights of the city. Latvia is booming. And while the emerging capital is full of old-fashioned details: Where else can you find a painter or cinema? And where rising fine ladies from countless Edelkarossen glamorously dressed and walk through the Old Town? Beside it are old women with headscarves, which until late into the night for a few flowers Santimi sale. Nobel restaurants and luxury boutiques lined up together in the old town. A street corner next to walls with old bröckelnder facade, stray cats around. Visitors discovered in between the small cafes and bakeries, where, it seems, time has stopped. Posh go to dinner in one of the many restaurants. But what to choose: Latvian bread pudding, Russian Borsch, prefer fresh pasta or sushi? Cafes and restaurants are mostly rappelvoll. In the summer, will remain in Riga's far into the night taghell. To sleep a little thought then. There are tables and chairs outdoors, along with countless tourists sit Rigenser with live music on the Domplatz together.

Riga nightlife is wild, with Berlin or Hamburg, it can easily keep up. The pubs, bars and clubs are uncounted. One may wonder how elegantly and sometimes liberally, the Rigenserinnen on the dance floor moving. Especially on weekends will be celebrated and flirted as if there were no more tomorrow. The Sunday Hangover eliminated the Rigenser on the beach promenade in the nearby seaside resort of Jurmala. The Elektrischka takes passengers on a journey into the old wooden benches Osteuropa.Auf abgewetzten he zuckelt sitting leisurely in pine and pine forests and prefabricated buildings over. Then dive winding wooden houses with colorful facades and turrets on. After 35 minutes drive: Stop Majori on the beach! Bikini mermaids cavort in up to 25 degrees warmer water, the white men play beach volleyball. Until the night, because in the summer, you can at the Riga Gulf until the evening at ten forty-five bathe in the sun.

Enjoyment is the Rigensern important - it shows the wealth of cafes and restaurants. Traditional are "Karbonade" (pork), cabbage and potatoes on the menu. A blob of sour cream, pickled cucumbers and a glass of "kefir" (buttermilk) round out the menu. But Riga is also a hotspot of best international cuisine.

At pretty cafes in Riga, there is no shortage. Smoking only outside. Since 1 June 2006, smoking in all restaurants, bars and even Beergardens prohibited.

Whether or freaky elegant, Rigas and club music scene has something for everyone. And happy is celebrated and long. Better to avoid the "Roxy" friday evening - pretty tedious.

Huge shopping malls in the suburbs - for fashion-conscious Western Europeans, the Baltic city not just a shopping paradise. But a few tidbits there anyway.


Picasso's wild action  


The light! The colors! The motives! The Cote d'Azur, and is loved by artists. Even Picasso, Chagall and Monet immortalized the landscape in her paintings. Other painters can holidaymakers on the "Chemin des Peintres" along the coast to know.

Understandable that they loved this view: the right the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, left the fortified town of Antibes, on the horizon are dimly from the mountains. Claude Monet painted this scene in 1888, Henri Edmond Cross gave them 20 years later. Today, visitors to the Promenade check whether his work properly capture the atmosphere. A display shows the image. It is one of 50 works exhibited at the Chemin des Peintres, the way the painter, the holiday on the Cote d'Azur can follow.

The images track "Côte d'Azur of the painters' withdraws from Menton to Cannes and is also the hinterland of Grasse, Mougins and Saint-Paul-de-Vence is not enough. Most of the 14 pictures are in Cagnes-sur-Mer is issued, including works by Renoir and Derain. Picasso painted in Antibes, Chagall was the silhouette of Saint-Paul-de-Vence noted. They were all fascinated by the bright light and the clashing colors of the French Riviera.

The pictures are in their development locations. Sometimes you have to look, probably wanted the artists do not always sit in the middle of the events. The panels give visitors not only an idea of where the painters once worked. You can also monitor how changes in landscape and cityscape.

Instead of palm trees

Cannes is a particularly striking example: on the Croisette, where today the rich and beautiful and bustling langbeinige women in short dresses by Edelboutiquen stroll, stroll also the middle of the 19th Century already elegantly dressed women. Adolphe Fioupou painted it admittedly modestly dressed. At that time has not prevented the famous, but screaming ugly Palais de Festival, the annual City Film Festival, the view of the Old Town.

In Antibes, which is so pretty nestled on the Mediterranean, stood on the Boulevard du Cap Broadleaves once - now decorate the palm trees green strip between the town and beach. The marketplace is still in the old town, with its narrow streets, pétanque players and the many bistros almost perfectly the stereotype of a typical French city fulfilled. The image of Emile Charles Dameron, however, shows an open area with trees. Today there is a covered, wrought-iron market.

Little remained opposed by Eugène Boudin view of the city - the display was destroyed, so that only parts of the image to see. A similar fate Picasso's "Night Fishing in Antibes, on the wall stood.

Works by Picasso in Antibes

Picasso Antibes is' great pride. The 1946 master painted for half a year in the castle of the city. He had plenty of ideas, but the material was scarce, and so he painted on anything that the port offered: wood and canvas, for example. As also is no longer enough, he simply painted over earlier works. The images from this very productive creative time, he gave the city - the almost overnight a Picasso museum got.

Also, the photography museum in Mougins - Picasso's last place of residence, only 13 kilometers away - is dedicated to his work. The exhibition shows photos of his studio, the artist at work and with his children. Mougins is equipped with four pictures on the Chemin des Peintres represented. That art in the medieval town still plays an important role, demonstrates a very different label: The review board at the entrance points to 14 restaurants - and 28 galleries out.


Miami: The Big Glamor  


Beach, shopping, luxury, beauty and celebrities: In Florida Fun holiday metropolis, everything is bigger and brighter: Party and almost everywhere around the clock ..

On Ocean Drive, at night eleven to three clock, the expression "to drift" his own importance. Especially on weekends then stroll to the thousands of pastel-colored Art Deco buildings along from bar to bar, from club to club. The gardens are crowded restaurant, the hotel "Cardozo (Owner: Gloria Estefan) booms Latin-pop, two houses continue to play a Cuban band, on the Boulevard mixes the music to a wild Soundbrei. It often happens to people congestion, what all great find: Blessed are they smile at each other, pushing each other forward. It is a friendly, fresh and perfumed, above all, very cheerful mass. Each of these people are driving three wishes, which are at this moment are all met: Party! Party! Party!


Everything Is Illuminated In Oslo  


In winter the sun shines in Oslo only five hours a day, so the people to turn night into day, you commute by subway to the illuminated slopes and celebrate in the clubs and the University of Fine Arts, as if there were no tomorrow. That they are so happy, is not only on alcohol

Behind me are 20 hours on the ferry from Kiel to Oslo, Norway's capital city ahead of me in the morning haze. White chimneys blow smoke in the cold winter air, the sun is low in the sky. In this time of year is the little light is a rarity, the days are short and the nights that even longer. For the night, Danny Larsen jurisdiction. He wears black sunglasses, black shoulder-length hair.

Danny is one of the best snowboarders in Norway and plays in metal bands - a typical combination of Oslo, as it turned out to be. Danny knows what he has in his town: "There is nothing nicer than to late at night on the floodlit slopes in front of the city to snowboarding."


Venice, on high alert with a strong tide that flooded the entire city  


Venice is on alert for a strong tide, known as "high water", which has already reached 156 centimeters above sea level and could reach 160, a figure not recorded since 1979 and which would cause flooding throughout the city.

Due to abundant rainfall in recent days, the "high water" and affects 40% of the lagoon city, and according to the data center forecast tidal Venice City Council on Monday may exceed 90% of territory.

If it reaches 160 cm, the city is completely flooded, say estimates from the center of the tides.

The water level continues to rise, mainly due to the sirocco, the wind blowing towards the south, and drag the waters to Venice.

Since this morning, the sirens sounded in the city to warn of the danger of high water to the Venetians and tourists. The historic figure of the high tide was registered on November 4, 1966, when the waters reached 1.94 meters.