Hamburg: The Gateway To The World  


The highest in the north of the city on the Elbe is not in vain as one of the most beautiful in Germany. And even the normally cautious Hanseatic can be proud of "their" Hamburg not hide.

Sandy, Wellengeplätscher quiet, palm trees and a hot drink to cool beats: Holiday Feeling on the Elbe. Anyone here a day on the Beach Club has spent miles admits the cliché of the unterkühlten on hamburgers and distanced. You can feel the world of openness and hospitality, and gets pleasure, the diversity of the city to conquer: on the bank of the river Elbe noble villas, colorful scene in pubs living quarters, the former workers quarters in change. Hardly a city creates its intense District life so much closeness and intimacy, such as Hamburg.

From the beach clubs, it is only a small leap to one of the HVV ships calling at a conveniently located between Sandtorhöft (subway Baumwall), Landungsbrücken (it in U-and S-Bahn station) and Finkenwerder sail back and forth. So erhascht not only a glimpse of the historic city of memory, the world's largest contiguous warehouse complex, but also to the modern, over 7400 hectares of port area with containers from around the world. Standing still is a foreign word. Once it gets dark, the whole area shines in the spotlight and the fully automatic loading and unloading of ships continues.
Next stop is the Alster, the large lake in the heart of the city. As you walk there you can see alongside the Edelboutiquen another feature: Hamburg is pervaded Fleet and canals you wonderfully with the canoe can capture - in an hour to park or even a day trip to Poppenbüttel. Make halt when Bodos jetty or let your legs on one of Hamburg's dangle bridges - because there are about 2496 pieces, more than Venice and Amsterdam combined.

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