Havana, Your Eternal City  


The Cuban city of two million has much more to offer than their dusty Buena Vista Social Club romance. The bustling metropolis of music is now the party center in the Caribbean.

Lightning Blanke Chevrolet Impala in front of historic colonial buildings: At first glance, the socialist Caribbean metropolis for 60 years to stand still, especially if obtained by Habana Vieja, the old city of Havana, touches. The images are described as often, they actually agree to this day: In the gray-haired men play bars and Son cumbia classics that are still a little older than themselves, to the counters are refreshing Mojitos served, and is constantly smoked. But Havana has more to offer. Tired of Salsa sound, Cuba's young people dance to funky today Reggaeton and Caribbean House in the clubs. PRINZ readers discovered the young, new Havana.

The Caribbean cuisine can be found in many fine restaurants enjoy much popularity and atmospheric are the "Paladares" small private restaurants, often in ordinary residential houses and cozy charm with their enthusiasm.

An absolute must is to visit various bars in the Cuban capital, where they necessarily the three National Beverage should try: Cuba Libre, Mojito and Daiquiri.

The nightlife of Havana offers lots of variety and far more than the legendary vaudeville Tropicana, which until now everyone is really any travel guide.

Havana is not a shopping center, already are in socialist Cuba, very few shops. The proposed locations of us but we should absolutely look.


The Favorite Islands Of The Superstars  


The good news: In Paradise, you can pay with euros. The bad: It is only 21 square kilometers in size and is located in the Caribbean. The speech is from the French overseas department of Saint-Barthélemy, or St. Barth. The island is currently the destination of celebrities, stars like Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Craig, Donatella Versace and Brad Pitt can not be wrong.

St. Barth is one of the Lesser Antilles and is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, he named it after his brother Bartolomeo. They moved several times its membership, was among others in French and Swedish hands. Today, St. Barth as a Collectivité d'outre mer with France and is part of the European Union.

Very much larger than St. Barth, but no less beautiful, is St. Lucia. This Caribbean island is at least 620 square kilometers in size and is also one of the Lesser Antilles.

Especially there urlaubt scandal noodle Amy Winehouse, including Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman and Tyra Banks were already on St. Lucia. The island is far from untouched, lush rain forests, green mountains, banana plantations and miles of beaches with white sand and black take turns. The emblem of the island is of volcanic Twin Pitons, with its two peaks.

In the past it was hard fought over St. Lucia, for centuries the island belonged alternately to France and Britain. Today she is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth II, the official head of state. In the fishing village of Soufrière testify today charming buildings from the colonial era, on the small island Pigeon Iceland is even an old British fort.


On the Footprint of the Templars in Rio Lobos  


They say that the Wolves River Canyon is a magical place, because there are traces of the presence of the Templars and some mysteries wrapped in order to resolve this.

Lobos Canyon River Gorge is a 14 km long in the Nafría mountain range. The canyon, the diversity of fauna and landscape cantiles are the highlights of the protected area. It is one of the reliefs that stand between the Central and the Iberian.

Its continental climate has generated a growing poplar, willow and juniper albar, living with the oak and pine oak.

As for fauna, there griffon vultures, golden eagles, hawks ... and between mamíeros, the Iberian wolf. Also deserving attention amphibians and reptiles.
The slopes can reach an altitude of 100 meters

Erosion by water has sunk the riverbed. On the slopes of the canyon, which can reach 100 meters in altitude, low-water sources for the rusty color of the walls. There are numerous marked hiking trails and the ability to enter any of the numerous torcas, potholes and caves that undermine their walls.

Three different access

Access into the canyon are made from three different points. On the west side, upstream, is accessed from Hontoria del Pinar (Burgos) population being reached by the N-234.

The second access is located 12 km from the previous half-way stage, missing 9km Ucero to output, and is called the Bridge of Seven Eyes and is next to the SO-960 road that connects San Leonardo de Yagüe St. Mary of the Hoyas.

At the end of the canyon is the entry of Ucero is the most popular is the ydonde Interpretation Center of Nature. About Ucero on the road SO-920 is the viewpoint of the Galiana shows that the park from the edge of cliffs.
Since there is a huge cave a spectacular view of the shrine Templar

The most traveled and well-known park is undoubtedly the Colmenar of the friars at the foot of which lies the shrine of St. Bartholomew Templar.

This area is located 3.5 km from the entrance to Ucero, the esplanade that stretches in front of the Great Cave, an enormous cave that remains always open and accessible.

The chapel of St. Bartholomew

The chapel of St. Bartholomew is a Romanesque building of the first quarter of the thirteenth century with a burgeoning influence of Gothic. It was part of a Templar monastery which retains only the chapel.

The link with the Order of the Temple and tested this with her open mysteries remain.

This shrine is at the same distance in meters of the outer limits to the east and west of the Iberian Peninsula. The union between the location of the chapel with other churches Templar Peninsula form a Maltese cross, the symbol of the order.


Andorra, A Paradise For Skiers  


With the largest skiable area in the Pyrenees, Andorra and all ski areas are finalizing preparations to launch the new winter season 2008/09.
The big stations do offer the best destination in the Principality white

The country has two seasons, Grandvalira and Vallnord where, in addition to skiing and snow surfing you can do other activities related to the snow, snowshoeing and hiking, biking snow sleds driven by dogs and snowmobiles. There are also instaaciones of Naturlàndia-La Rabassa and Parador Canaro.

Grandvalira: Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig and Soldeu-El Tarter

North of the Principality of Andorra, is the season that make up the Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig and Soldeu-El Tarter (1926 Ha). With six different access to tracks, 14 parks, 40 restore points, 450 monitors and a maximum altitude of 2640 m and 1710 m at least, Grandvalira has 110 tracks of 193 km with a capacity of 100,700 skiers / hour, 67 lifts and 83 miles from tracks of snow.

Grandvalira opened this season the Ice Hotel Iglu-Dorf Grandvalira-Grau Roig, 2,300 m, with restaurant and spa, and the ice bar, located at the foot of the ski lift Pla de les Pedres and walking tracks Grandvalira - Pas de la Casa.
To the food lovers can enjoy a very special dinner, over 2,000 m, in restaurants Grandvalira-Canillo, El Tarter Grandvalira-and Grandvalira-Grau Roig.

Vallnord: Arcalís, Arinsal and Pal

Pal sector is ideal for family skiing. A ski area of 707 ha innivada with capacity for 39,180 skiers per hour, with 31 lifts, 271 artificial snow cannons, 200 monitors, 12 restore points and 9 parking with capacity for 6600 vehicles. FIS their stadium is one of the largest in southern Europe, and in areas of artistic and acrobatic skiing and off track (with 40,000 m2 with chill out included) practiced the latest trends in snow skiing and surfing.
Pal sector is the most wanted by the families of skiers

This practice can also be other activities such as snow falls with bikes, snowmobiles, hiking and white scenic helicopter flights. There are also many activities for the little ones, such as circuits snowmobiles children.

Vallnord opens this season's first and only Speed Riding School of the Peninsula. It is a new form of skiing developed mainly in the French Alps, which merges the capabilities of paragliding and skiing with a parachute.

La Rabassa Naturlàndia-hundred percent skiing

Sant Julia de Loria, between 2160 m and 1960 m, is Naturlàndia. The Snow Camp La Rabassa is the reference point for lovers of nature and the Nordic skiing. In addition to 15 miles of marked tracks, paths and cross country ski school, has the Inuit Parc, an enclosed area of 3,000 m2 for initiation pathways and circuits games on trees.

La Rabassa offers one of the most spectacular this winter: the Tobotronc. With a height of 400 meters and four miles, the slide has become the cable lifts world's longest. With a length of 1,700 m and climb 3550 m downhill run can walk the woods with a mechanical sled.


Lisbon, A City With A View  


The terraces are reluctant to leave the daily Portuguese capital, a city where winter days punctuated with live blue yellow by the sun. Although they all offer snacks with reduced white port and tonic atmosphere, only a few can see the best views in Lisbon.

The winter days punctuated with live blue yellow by the sun

One is the restaurant Casa do Leao, very frequented by tourists because of its location, the Castillo de San Jorge.

Since its railing can enjoy broader menu: the labyrinthine streets of Alfama, the roofs of the Rua da Madalena, skyscrapers built in the 80s east of the town and the bridge on April 25.

As of midday, especially at sunset, is the Bairro Alto Hotel in the fashionable area of Lisbon, which traps the wild over the hills. The establishment has a roof where you can enjoy magical sunsets over the Tagus, atmosphere and chill out for a sandwich or a cocktail at very affordable prices. Sunny weekend brunch also serves a simple 14.5 euros.

For lunch, and only pockets healthy, the central hotel Tivoli Lisboa, on the Avenida da Liberdade, its top floor houses the newly opened restaurant Terraço.

Outdoor or indoor

Has found a space and another area with glass. Monday through Friday offers menu (45 euros) by the Portuguese chef Luis Baena. From time to time the creator of sorbets nitrogen-filled bomb maridajes where there organizing experts and onlookers gathered to try cuisine and wines of the region.

If you surprise late in the quarter of Belém, the viewpoint of the terrace of the dock of the Tagus and the margin is the best Á observatory to see the tower of Belém moves from white to red leaden.

And at night ..

The restaurant Bica do Sapato (Avenida Infante DomHenrique) provides another perspective on the night of the Tagus. Involved in design and with a letter that mixes Italian, Japanese and Portuguese art dyes, allows an approach to Lisbon laúltima at a price of around 40 euros.

More interesting than their food, is its location on the river and its large terrace.

A unpaso in the building next door, stands one of the most prestigiosasde city Lux. This is easily recognizable by the big legs female overcome their front door. Of course, it also has an interesting terrace.


Replicas of Neolithic villages to promote tourism archeological  


Macedonia has rebuilt a Neolithic village in the oldest archaeological site found near the capital, Skopje, in a state wide project to promote tourism.

Madzari replica of the tomb was built on a hill in Skopje on the grounds of the village of 6000 years ago, which existed until 4300.
A copy of Madzari Tomb was built on a hill in Skopje
The village was located along a small lake, whose remains pervivían until some five decades, although even then it seemed more of a swamp.

The age of the houses were rebuilt with stone materials as archaeological research is used in the Neolithic period, such as wood, cane and mud.

Its interior has been placed figures of people dressed in costumes that are supposed to be wearing at that time, and dedicated to the daily, grinding wheat or weaving.

Madzari tomb was discovered in 1961 during preparations for the construction of an international highway, which passes a few kilometers from the area.

Approximately two thirds of the deposit, with a diameter of 220 meters, is located underneath privately owned buildings, hampering the investigation.

Archaeologists first found in 1981 a Neolithic house in this place, and there are eight, including a sanctuary.
Archaeologists found in 1981 the first house neoítico
This shrine is the figure of pottery called "Majka Golemata" (The great mother), which has become a symbol of the Balkan country and sold as a souvenir of the most famous archaeological.

It is expected that the reply from another Neolithic village built on stilts on Lake Ohrid, in southwest Macedonia, is also open to the public this month.

This is the only Neolithic village built on water in this country.

With about 2 million people, Macedonia, located southeast of Europe landlocked but rich in archaeological sites, wants to promote this sector as a major bid to attract foreign tourists.


Syria: between churches and mosques, sea and desert  


Bazar Arab and Roman ruins, churches and mosques, sea and hills, towns and desert. All this is Syria. Once in Damascus, we understand that the capital live in balance between tradition and modernity. The old town with its narrow streets and winding, that develop around the magnificent mosque omayade, retains the charm of an exotic and mysterious place, although in a Christian neighborhood of Bab Tuma tourists and foreign students seem more of the population local. The old Damascene houses, with rich decorations and fountains in the courtyards, there are next to shops and typical current Internet point, while the covered market (Suq Al-Hamidya) is a great way enlightened and full of clothes shops and crafts both sides. Outside the Old Town, are to visit the National Museum and the tomb of Saladin. For purchases and meals are actually spends little. A sandwich with meat and vegetables (shawarma) costs less than half a euro. A lunch at the restaurant at around 5 euros. A bus ride costs 7 cents, in taxis no more than 3 euros. With less than 10 euros to go to Lebanon or Jordan, bus or a collective taxi, leaving the station Baramki.

From the station Haraste, however, leave the bus Palmira (missed the ancient city of Queen Zenobia, in the desert) and Aleppo in the north. On the road to Aleppo worth staying a couple of hours at Hama, to visit the norie, the ancient wooden water wheels (photo above). In the north, inhabited by many minorities, including Kurds and Armenians, the milestone is Aleppo, with the city, whose fortifications were built from 350 BC Can not miss a turn in cities death, old abandoned places for reasons unknown, and the sanctuary dell'eremita San Simeon. Returning to the south, take the path of the sea and stop for a few days on the beaches of Latakia or Tartus and then visit the Krak dei Cavalieri, beautiful crusader castle. If there is time, you can make a quick trip to Maalula (Christian places where you still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus) and Bosra, the ancient city nabatea almost on the border with Jordan.

In Syria, the people are hospitable and cities are very safe. Obviously, it is better to respect the local traditions, not to show off criticism of the regime and not go around with clothes very succinct (but in the sea of Latakia and Tartus you can safely swim in costume). A tip: bring a vocabolarietto Arabic. Not all speak English!


Russia, ten time zones and thousands of different holidays  


Endless, endless, immense. From West to East across ten time zones. Different from the luxury end of the "third Rome" (Moscow, of course), the European Union, if not Italian, St. Petersburg, passing through small towns where life is still subject to the 70s of last century. For all tastes and pockets.

Now that Russia is no longer an adventure travel (although, if you wish, not missing) is not risky, but it is a plunge into something quite different from the old Europe.
Having overcome the difficulties and lost some 'time for thorough customs checks to enter the kingdom of communism vintage ", now also involved in embassies and consulates are happy to issue a visa (from 26 to 130 euros, we wants maximum one week). The flights are not lacking: codesharing with Alitalia and Aeroflot, only to leave Milan four flights daily direct.

If you were there in the Soviet period, you can not misrepresent your knowledge of the country. Russia has completely changed, especially Moscow, which has become the capital of unbridled capitalism. Even the architect Norman Foster has wanted to build a tower 1,000 meters in Moscow (now revised slightly 'lower, satisfied that both the highest in the world). Thousands of luxury boutiques, major global brands. More hectic in Milan.

But for those who really want to know the country, remains a must the Trans-Siberian: nine thousand kilometers of birches, boundless steppe, rivers, hills, wooden houses. Eight days by train from Moscow to Vladivostok. Beyond the window flowing Volga, the minarets of Kazan, corrugated profiles of the Urals, the waters of Lake Baikal. An epic journey where it is impossible not to make friends with fellow adventure Russian, Dutch, French. Where in the restaurant car you improvise vodka party and leads to talk of life as the sun sets behind the hills of Siberia. At major stops, you can get off, stretch my legs and the legs to buy roasted chicken, sandwiches, meatballs and fruit from "babuschke" (Russian grandmothers) place is on track to earn a couple of euros.

Locust trees, dunes and stone walls: Val di Noto in Sicily more authentic  


Who wants to see the real Sicily, the one without vendors Sicilian carts crowded the edges of the temples of Agrigento or lookout in Taormina, should go in the area to the south of the triangle, the one that almost touches Africa. And have the courage to go where the magnificence of the volcano, the celebrity of casba Palermo el'assaltata beauty of the Aeolian islands give way to the chirp of cicadas, crossed by a desert locust trees and stone walls at various spots surrounded by beaches dunes. The southeast Sicily, in between the province of Ragusa and Siracusa, is the most extreme corner of the island, the true heart of the Mediterranean. It's called Val di Noto and takes its name from the city late for excellence, Noto. But hidden gems less known and more fascinating: Ibla Ragusa, Modica and San Diego. All rebuilt after the earthquake in 1693 with a unique style: the rococo carved in local stone, white and crumbly. Capita so to find the gaze of magnificent cathedrals scenic bill, real stone embroidery, boasting of columns and capitals between miserable huts plaster yellow, consumed scales from four centuries of sun peak, glimpses of streets that require silence, contemplation. More often, though the smell of jasmine Arab mixes with that of tomato and laundry hanging out to dry, with struggimento.

This is Sicily by Giuseppe Tornatore and his Malena, for who speaks the language of cinema. Montalbano Commissioner for those that of television. Of Vinicio Capossela if you love music. By Elio Vittorini, Salvatore Quasimodo and Gesualdo Bufalino for means of literature.
Around, "the usual" historical and archaeological traces left by Sicilians, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards, a campaign designed by rocks and terraces and corners of nature still unspoiled. It will be why the whole area recently joined the list of goods protected by 'Unesco.

Ragusa Ibla
A Ragusa Ibla deserve a visit the Gothic-Catalan old St. George, the Church of San Giorgio, the church of San Giuseppe and communal gardens. But above all, the alleys and streets closed to traffic that offer splendid views of the valley below and the sight of hidden courtyards and beautiful.


A Modica, an ancient seat of the county and now known for its chocolate tradition of Spanish and Aztec derivation, the tour departs from classic Umberto course, coverage of the stream that ran through the city, to visit the church of Santa Maria di Betlem, the church St. Peter with the statues of the twelve apostles on the staircase, the rock church of St. Nicholas Lower, cave in a jewel of the twelfth century and the two symbols of the city, the Church of San Giorgio, the hinge between the lower and that alta with its 250 steps, and the tower of the castle last part of the walls.

In San Diego, the route is short but more suggestive, all concentrated between the Via Francesco Mormino Penna, the living room of the city, and one of the most beautiful Sicilian palace, Palazzo Beneventano. Who has time, the visits during Easter, when it plays one of the most fascinating religious festivals: San Diego. It is the procession of the risen Christ for the alleys of the city, carried on shoulders by the crowd without paths or directions to night. It is also the essence of this part of Sicily: outside time and space.

The kitchen
Ragusa excels for caciocavallo, cheese dall'orgoglio Dop, so called because they spread out to dry on a horse with a rope stretched. San Diego has a serricoltura intense that produces the famous cherry tomatoes and zucchini mini. Modica is now recognized as one of the Italian capital of chocolate: it produces a dough craft, manufactured cold and without milk, which leads Aztec and Spanish traditions. The whole area excels comuque for desserts. The case of ricotta, straight or mixed with chocolate and cinnamon, the "mustazzola" hard biscuits made with honey and almonds, "a ghugghulena" or cobaita, nougat of sesame seeds, "the mpanatigghie, small stuffed trousers a preparation of meat and chocolate. As for savory dishes, worth mention the "Chess" and "pastizzi, rolls of bread dough stuffed with tomato, cheese, broccoli or meat.

How to get there, where to stay and where to eat
Some relevant information for those wishing to travel accingersi. Ragusa, Modica and Scicli can be reached by air (better not rely on trains in a region where rail routes, and sometimes even the coaches, go back to the Bourbons). The nearest airport and in Catania, where they operate all major national and international areas, including low cost and Windjet Volare, (but soon will be available the old missile base in Comiso). From there to rent a car or take a bus or Etna Ast: Ragusa direction.
Those seeking a guide, contact the cooperative Etnos, provides qualified personnel, tourist guides, advice on routes, visits to museums and other helpful tips.
To stay there is a flood of Bed & Breakfast for all tastes and all pockets and are easily booked and visited here. An easy guide to restaurants, however, is here.


Elba Island, to feel nature in nature  


The island itself evokes the feeling of being kind, surrounded by sea, his will, and not the masters of a whole. And the Elba amplifies this feeling. Because even looking around, not only beyond the shores and among the waves, it feels kind: vegetation everywhere, lush, diverse, fascinating, and interventions, towns, roads, do not injure the green. We complement each other.
The island of Elba is the perfect place to find peace with themselves and with the world. To sunbathe on the beach, among gravel, sand or snow-colored stones, but also in lost coves reached via narrow streets in the green. O for hiking, mountain paths on the various difficulties: the highest peak is the huts, 1019 meters. And to get closer to the locals, reserved, like any island nation, but the Tuscan has cordiality.

More dell'Arcipelago Tuscan island (which is national park) and the third Italian, Elba is a real geological puzzle, a meeting of clods and debris wandering in the Mediterranean which have built in a million years socket emerging from the sea of incredible geological variety. And so, between cable and Rio Marina, the waves break on frontoni rocky red fire, traces of quarries from which until a few years ago was mined pyrite and now are becoming park mining. Among Rio Marina, Portazzurro and of Capoliveri swarm variety enchanting beaches. Not to be missed for those who like solitary spaces, the cove of Marina di Gennaro, enclosed in a small bay, decorated around the stratified rocks, and that of the Rio Theater, to reach on foot through a scenic road not easy.

But we would have time to see them all because, although many are all different. How can we not see, for example, the most popular but still breathtaking Cape Blanc, in Portoferraio, gravel mixed with medium-fine sand, both white and a wall as white cliffs behind. And the water? Wherever transparent.
It is recommended, just arrived on the spot, buying guide to the Beaches (very good Elba, all the beaches of the Editorial Group Nine).

And as the town of Elba stay? The municipalities are, from east to west: Rio Marina, Rio nell'Elba, Porto Azzurro, Capoliveri, Portoferraio, Campo nell'Elba, Marciana Marina, Marciana. For those who prefer to see the sea from above: Rio nell'Elba, more quiet village, and Capoliveri, more full of tourist shops, clinging to the mountains. For those who want the sea to walk: Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro, more crowded and cozy, and Rio Marina, most small and quiet. But each center Elba has its purpose and worth a visit.
The ideal is to move every day and devote a different location. But this is not essential to be equipped car: you can move well in buses (service Atl), with races that allow you to reach every good location. And to leave the usual routes, perhaps in the footsteps of some sanctuary lost, just rent cars or scooters (rentals are present only in larger cities).

And how to get the island? Two companies of ships and ferries leaving the island lead always Piombino (Li): Toremar, which reaches Rio Marina, cable, Porto Azzurro and Portoferraio, and Moby Lines, which affects only Portoferraio.
Best time to visit? June, when still is not full of tourists.
Place of residence tested? Bed & breakfast Mini Easy Time Hotel Rio Marina, voting 8: excellent combination of price, quality and sympathy.

Travel, now are in Arab countries  


Forget the holiday study in London or Paris. The school now choose to start to learn Arabic and the specialized agencies now have a wide. Summers between school and tourism in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Yemen.

The center-language Al Diwan offers summer courses for foreigners of Arab headquarters in Cairo. Esl, agency that arranges language, offering to live in the house of a professor to receive private lessons and learn the local language better, always in the Egyptian capital. The perfect time to learn a different culture but sampre closer to us?

And to see a country full of interest, taking advantage of the opportunity to live for a few weeks. The pyramids and the Nile, of course, and the sea of Sharm el Sheik if you want. But above all, the life of Cairo, the largest city of Africa and the Arab world and one of the largest cultural centers of Islam. Those who have visited the metropolis describes as a chaotic, noisy, polluted, but so unpredictable that they inevitably fascinating. Especially the kind east of the river, the oldest. Grown over the centuries so disorderly is full of narrow streets and crowded.


O'ahu, melting pot in a sauce hawaiiana  


The combination of Polynesian yenkee-O'ahu, the island in the archipelago hawaiiano which is also the capital, Honolulu, reproduces small-scale melting pot the United States. Who has never been in America, can not fail to move from the capital to admire squares, churches, parks and skyscrapers. About instead of the western metropolis has already seen in abundance, always in Honolulu may choose to cross chinatown to breathe a little 'of authentic Asian atmosphere.

Even outside the capital, areas to be explored are many. That is why it is advisable to rent a car and decide their itineraries. Staying in a resort or in one of the many luxury hotels of Waikiki beach and nottambula can be a good way to enjoy life hawaiiana. On the promenade of Waikiki, the boutiques of big names alternate with markets that sell objects of various kinds: shells, bracelets of wood or bamboo, handbags shaped coconuts, as well as the traditional shirts fiorate. Even the rooms are always full. The discopub students to sing karaoke. The clubs of fans of hip hop music. The beach, however, is not the best. Tight and crowded, hinders both relaxation and snorkelling.

Moreover, it is doubtful Waikiki paradise for bathers hawaiiani. Whether along the east coast that close to the western one another a series of wide white sandy beaches. The only difference is the type of attendance. The eastern part of O'ahu is generally richer, so full of villas and parks such as Hanauma Bay, often cited, rightly, as it is heaven for snorkelling. Or, always on the east coast there are a number of small cliffs beaten by surfers always ready to refine your own style on the table.

The west coast is much less opulent, but from the point of view of the beaches is not burdened by competition from anyone. Distese white sand, in fact, open in the middle of a thick vegetation of bushes and palm trees. In addition, only along the highway leading west are bisteccherie and fishmongers to take away preparing meat dishes or po'ke delicious. For those who have not known, po'ke the dish is typical of Hawaii. It can be a basis of tuna, squid or octopus, strictly raw and mixed with onions, red algae and, if it pleases, a little 'of chilli. Apparently not very inviting, is decidedly good, in each version. The second specialty in the islands is "granita rainbow", or a giant mountain of crushed ice first and then colored with fruit syrups.

But the only restaurant where you need real food is local Ono. Open from 5 to 8, customers usually choose what to order while they are lined up outside the local economy. The specialties are the Kalua pork, laulau, a involtino pork, fish, rice and spices cooked in the leaves of taro, soup and fish eggs lomi, or all'insalata, with tomatoes and onions. Everything always accompanied by a puree of taro, a plant that hawaiiana, cooked, it becomes brown. Not particularly inviting but unproven, and certainly healthy.

Fraser Island, the island Australian record  


Australia is a continent that feels on the outskirts of the world. It suffers the inferiority complex of being away from everything and also to be so big and yet so little count at geopolitics. There is a population of 20 million inhabitants over a large territory once and half Europe, which needs to be important. That is why here every 100 km find the announcement of a record: the longest beach from the southern hemisphere, the largest aquarium from the southern hemisphere, the most poisonous spider from the southern hemisphere.

In short, in the southern hemisphere not beat anyone. But Australia also has some primates worldwide. One of these consists of Fraser Island, the island of sand largest in the world, partimonio universal UNESCO since 1992, which is located opposite the coast of Harvey Bay in Queensland. The salient feature of the place is that there are no roads. That they call highway, Highway, is actually a long beach, in order to travel should keep an eye on tides. The island can turn only in 4X4, better if organized on tour with expert guides you tell all of the place and they know how to avoid bogged down among the dunes.

Fraser Island, as indeed most of Australia, is full of animals poisonous or dangerous, against which the guides never fail to get in guard. We must not give anything to eat the dingo, wild dogs that can attack humans, and if it encounters one (on the island, there is all about one hundred) is good not to give him their backs to flee because you inseguirebbe: Keep calm. Take care not to trample on the snakes (there are six types) and not sognarti even to bathe in the beautiful sea on the island is infested by sharks. Just take a walk on the promontory of Indian Head for realizing it, watching the sea from the silhouette of sharks are and the desire to dive passes now.

But why then one should take the trouble to go there since? Why is an unusual and wonderful, with a luxuriant vegetation, full of beautiful lakes, like Mc Kenzie and Lake Wabby, where you can swim in crystal clear waters, and many creek, torrentelli freshwater that addentrano in the vegetation of the Interior. Lake Wabby is being slowly engulfed by sand dunes, and then rushed, in a few years could be no more.

Vale la pena absolutely do a tour by plane on the island is the only way to appreciate the contrasts and beauty often hidden among the dunes. Between August and September, the stretch of sea separating the island from the mainland is full of whales, making this place, yes, the world capital of whale whatching.


Macao: European oasis in the heart of Asia  


Only 60 km away from Hong Kong, an area of 26 square kilometres (most of them torn to sea with a rehabilitation plan that has been going on for years) extends Macao, the second Special Administrative Region of People's Republic of China. If the collective Macao is often associated with Hong Kong, in fact the two islands have in common only geographical location, colonial past and present of China.

Thanks to the presence of outdoor cafes, musical Portuguese place names, squares filled with flowers, colorful buildings often with arcades, a few palm and several restaurants Portuguese in Macao will breathe the air typical of southern Europe. Without losing the characteristics stronger than Chinese tradition. The real peculiarity of Macao, as compared to any other destination in China, lies in being able to keep more traditional aspects of the two civilizations that have shaped the growth in centuries of history. And here is that if old fortresses, churches and large Baroque palaces remind Europe, the streets in ruins near the port show tourists in Hong Kong than fifty years ago. An architectural melting pot that certainly deserves to be admired.

In the historic center of Macao, which extends from Piazza del Senate to the ruins of St. Paul (Cathedral of which remains only the stone facade, as the rest of the structure, wood, was destroyed during a fire in 1835), another , One after another, temples Taoists of the Ming, as A-Ma and Kuan Tai, baroque churches of the eighteenth century as one of St. Dominic, the only European theatre remained intact in Asia, one of Dom Pedro, built in 1860, and the library-style Chinese dedicated to Sir Robert Ho Tung, merchant famous in the early decades of the twentieth century.

Finally, in Macao also mingling the flavors of the table is well managed, and can not be spread from without having tried macanese version of the famous pastel de nata Portuguese (one tortina all'uovo insaporita by a few drops of fruit syrup ), Chorizo, sardines and cod.

However, for the millions of fanatics who live betting in Hong Kong or elsewhere on the continent, Macao is simply the home of gambling, a single large casino in which the Chinese love to switch nights of madness, with the (remote) hope round off their holdings.

Viva Las Vegas  


Immediately put his hands forward saying that I am not suggesting you leave Italy for a vacation in Las Vegas. I just say, that if you're planning a tour of the U.S., not snobbatela a priori, let us a jump. One day, not more, you will not regret it.

The Las Vegas we all know thanks to American films is actually a long boulevard, the Las Vegas Boulevard, known as The Strip. Here are concentrated the most important hotel-casino and all major attractions of the city, or rather, the amusement park. Because this is Las Vegas: a huge amusement park. The hotel-casino have nothing to envy the areas theme of a Disney park. You can start walking through the streets of the Forum Shops of Caesar's Palace which reproduce the streets of ancient Rome with a lot of palaces, statues, fountains and a sky that simulates over an hour a day of 24 hours with dawn, clear sky, cloudy, thunderstorm, sunset and night. Here, if as in my case will be in the company of your companion, do his joy: the Forum shops include more than 160 shops. Calculate at least 2 hours to visit them without too many stops.

From here you should make a leap to New York, New York, where you can admire the skyline of Manhattan, the statue of liberty and make a turn on a roller coaster that develop around the skyscrapers. Inside the hotel-casino instead await the streets of New York for a walk and some excellent Italian restaurants such as Il Fornaio. Here the sky-ceiling curtains always at night.
Another leg is the Venetian, the hotel-casino that plays Venice with its canals, bridges, squares, sanpietrini by wet, gondolas, the gondoliers and of course the Grand Canal Shoppes with its 50 thousand square metres of shops . In this case Venice (much more clean as the original) stimuli your romantic side, you might decide to organise the wedding in a gondola. For 800 U.S. dollars the Venetian will organise the ceremony on board the special gondola white, reserved their marriages, with custom bouquets, master of ceremonies on board and messicanofintoitaliano gondolier singing "O sole mio" with shades from tenor. At this point I suggest to stop here for an extraordinary dinner at the Italian restaurant Valentino. Recommended the reservation.
Finally you can conclude the evening with two great attractions: the volcano of Mirage and the Bellagio fountains. Two performances of water and lights nothing short of wonderful. Snobbate quietly the naval battle of Treasure Island, time lost.

As for the night, I and my girlfriend we slept with only 129 U.S. dollars (pay per room, not per person) in a gigantic suite Venetian with king-size bed, Jacuzzi and every kind of comfort.
The only regret this turn-around and escape to Las Vegas, it failed to cross Elvis.


Hawaii, between the black sands of Isola Grande  


The ideal to explore fully the Big Island or island of Hawaii and not remain trapped in the haze coming from the volcano that envelops every day throughout the eastern part of the island is that of land in Hilo and then move independently to Kailua-Kona. In this way, you can enjoy the beach all day without having the impression that he neglected the most beautiful and traditional of the island.

Once landed at Hilo, with a car rental should move immediately to the waterfalls rainbow. Even for a little freshen up ': after a few metres of dense vegetation, near the waterfall opens a clearing sunny, ideal for picnics or even organize races swimming or diving from rocks.

After the break the waterfall, it resumed the highway towards the south: a vialone immersed in a luxuriant vegetation in which the only intruders are the asphalt and cars. With a little 'luck, this tour can be arranged at the weekend in order to allow a second stop to Maku'u Craft & Farmers Market, open only on Sunday morning. This market is none other than the weekly meeting point for all islanders, who meet not only to sell or buy fruit, vegetables, clothes, books, plants or tools and appliances for the home, but also to listen all together a little 'Country Music live, enjoying some of speciality chicken and pork that scoppiettano on girarrosto.

After lunch, again southward. Approaching increasingly the volcano, the landscape begins to change. It crosses the first park of lava trees, or trees were petrified as a result of subsequent flows of magma, which svettano as giant stone vegetation rigogliosissima. More we approached the coast, plus the Green dirada and leaves room for genuine lava fields. These stretches of magma solidificate, reminiscent satellite images of the moon or Mars, and on which both tourists who love the hawaiiani draw your name with white pebbles, hoping perhaps that someone can read from above. Near the ocean, however, the lava fields turn into black sand beaches: Items meeting of hippy community on the island.

Finally, before beginning the ascent to the stretches of white sand, with a little 'luck may even be possible to observe from afar the lava flow that ends in the ocean. The vantage point is located exactly at the end of the paved road that crosses the south coast, at the village of Kalapana. To the naked eye you can see a huge white hat and gray smoke. With binoculars the lapilli seem a few inches away. But to see the fire is necessary to organize around the crater by helicopter.

Florida, in amusement parks to return children  


The fun is insured, for small and large. To say it is not only brochures but the number of tickets sprung every month. The entertainment parks in Florida in the United States as well as being, in fact, a business ascertained for years continue to attract thousands of visitors every day. The pleasant climate of Florida surely play a decisive role but even more crucial are the many attractions offered by various parks, always updated with the latest news in the sector.

Aquatica, recently inaugurated, is an amusement park dedicated entirely to water, in all its forms and shapes and colors. Slides of all kinds offer varied paths that all conclude with a nice dip in the pool where enormous fun even swim with dolphins. Inspired to the islands in the peaceful park offers unique attractions as exceptional waves that reach more than one meter and a half and the beauty of 6 swimming pools and many fiumiciattoli. The Lazy River is one of the most fun. You can go on board tyre giants from which you can launch at the end for a swim.

For fans, instead of the latest green is the Jungala park, an area of Bush Gardens entirely reserved for children from 8 to 13 years, a nearly perfect copy of a forest of Africa. In this protected animals can be observed of all types, dall'orangotango to tigre of Bengal. There is onto the house, actually a real labyrinth of tunnels, bridges and network suspended and the great attraction of the moment is that Wilde The Surge, an elevator that stops suddenly in higher levels of the forest.

Intramontabile Instead, the park remains completely made in Walt Disney. In Hollywood studios daily at 15 eyes are focused on the Block Party Bash, the parade that brings together all the characters of Pixar, the great study of Disney animation. The protagonists of Toy Story than Life of an insect. But the most curious, scheduled in the coming months, is to offer a fake casting to all visitors. Those who wish may, thus, sing and perform like a true American show.

Lourdes: The security staff redundant for the arrival of Pope  


For more than 6 months, the prefecture and the Ministry of Interior are working hard on organising the visit of Pope Marian in the city.

For this occasion, the police responsible for security and the establishment forces have been installed at the Palais des Congress, while other departments of State, responsible for centralizing general information, planted their neighbourhoods the hall.

The police is responsible for monitoring the car parks to observe the behavior of people, analyze the physical and try to prevent any incident. According to Didier Martinez, regional secretary UNSA police, 3,000 policemen are redundant. "24 companies of CRS, 500 city police officers and more than 100 reservists to walk on his feet." And to explain this poor coordination which is that on several occasions since the beginning of the week, two people were caring for the same job making planning "cafouilleux." And "uncomfortable" because, while they settle this question, "Besides, there is nobody."
Working more…

Another topic "thorny" one overtime. For example, "bikers have left Toulouse on Thursday morning at 7 o'clock, and they are returned to bed at 2 hours."

A situation that the National Union and the majority of police officers (SNOP) also challenges, noting with irony the slogan "work more to earn more," absolutely not respected for officers.

Since their change of status, "overtime are no longer taken into account either recovered, but 30 €. it poses several problems of fatigue, family life, concentration, patience, "according to the spokesman of SNOP," but nevertheless we meet present and we do our work ".

The union Alliance represented by Denis Fau, Deputy Regional Secretary Midi-Pyrenees, keeps the same speech, and considers that "when police emerged from material concerns and other constraints, they have more head to their mission."

And to give a concrete example: this Friday morning, taking possession of their hotel rooms in a chain in Tarbes, to the dirty places, police have preferred to leave. In time, this concern was settled home, police were relocated elsewhere. Now, they await with impatience the premium exceptional event, which for the moment, is not acquired.

Germany's most romantic castles  


In the Middle Ages, castles served as living quarters and military buildings. How many total in Germany, is not known. According to the European Institute in Castle Braubach there are 20,000 to 25,000.

The Castles, the centuries, wars and weather have survived, let us by a lady existence as a castle or robbery knights dream. BILD.de the most beautiful castles in Germany.

Closely connected to German history is connected to the Wartburg in Eisenach. Under the code name "Young Jörg" held here in 1521/22 the reformer Martin Luther translated hidden and only eleven weeks in the New Testament into German. On 18 October 1817 was held here the first Wartburg Festival, where 500 students gathered and for a nation-state and a liberal constitution demonstrated.

From the other side comes across on the other hand, the fame of Marksburg in Braubach on the Rhine. The castle is the model of many fantasy castles, especially in the toy manufacturing. In the 90 years it should be sold to Japan, transported and rebuilt. The owner refused, however. As a replacement is in German cultural village "Ueno" on the island of Miyako-jima a replica of the original castle at the beach.

Where families spend a happy holiday?  


Who in the travel office to familienfreundlichem holiday in Germany asked, should first holiday in Bavaria recommended. According to an exclusive survey conducted by the travel magazine "PERFECT HOLIDAY" under the 1166 travel agencies, the familienfreundlichste Bavaria as a federal state.

However, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania throughout the Free State close behind. Backmarkers Saxony-Anhalt and Saarland offers little children holidays.

The survey also gives information about what criteria for choosing a travel offer are essential and what families on holiday is especially important. The key to holiday for families, especially the price. Other criteria, the size and equipment of the room, followed by the safety of holiday destination or whether there are other children in the hotel.

Where families in Europe the best beach holiday can spend and what Airlines on family-friendly, tells you the photo gallery.